How to Make a Film On Your OWN with NO Crew! Surviving the Outback’s director, producer, writer, editor & star Mike Atkinson AKA ‘Outback Mike’ joins Giles Alderson

The adventure filmmaker Mike Atkinson joins us on the Filmmakers Podcast to chat how he went about making a feature film all on his own! with no crew and in the middle of nowhere! The extreme outdoors, photography and filming are his passion. This led him to start filming his own adventures. “When I watch TV and the internet, what I see doesn’t capture what it’s really like to be alone in the extreme outdoors. Nearly everyone you see is being followed by a film crew and it detracts from the realism of what could otherwise be something interesting that I’d like to watch!”

We chat how he avoided crocodiles, ate dog balls (not the ones you think), got permission form the aboriginal tribes, learnt film-making form this podcast and others as well as youtube, raised his own cash, bought his own equipment and planned for years to create a brilliant inspiring feature film that captures something no-one ever gets to see.

He talks how he packed everything into a rucksack, shot with drones and how he powered the batteries and his laptop as he went, let alone ate and drank while he tried to survive all teh while tracig the steps of two survivors from the past.

How he leaned how to edit and had to work out what certain phrases and techniques were and all the deliverables he had to produce and complete for the distributors so his film ‘Surving the Outback’ could be released.

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