Dominic Brunt on How to Make Horror & Thriller Indie Films: Before Dawn, Bait, and Attack of the Adult Babies with Giles Alderson & Christian James

Dominic Brunt joins us to chat acting, film-making and directing horror & thriller indie films. He chats going from acting in Emmerdale, A TV soap to directing horror movies via running a zombie short film festival which got him and his wife Joanne Mitchell talking about making their own movie which they did with Before Dawn. And how making his debit feature was the hardest thing he’s ever done. How he shot in his own house and rehearsed it but how hard it was to direct and star in Before Dawn and how he wouldn’t do it again. And how it got picked up at Fright Fest and selling the film to Metrodome.

What he took onto his 2nd feature Bait and working with a studio. He gives some great advice on how to deal with a studio or your investor who is hands on.
How a big £6M project he was on was pulled two weeks before shooting and heartbreaking it was and he give some great advice to film-makers.

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How to Make a Period Drama Feature with James Kent director of ‘The Aftermath’ starring Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgard

Giles Alderson (The Dare) sits down with Film and TV director James Kent to chat his feature films Testament of Youth and The Aftermath

We start by talking about DirectorsUK and how important and useful it is to filmmakers

How the freedom in Documentary film-making that you can use in feature film or TV work as a director and when your in edit suite it is just you and the editor and you need to have got your coverage and material on set. With docs there is not often a story until you are in the edit

Making the leap from docs to TV and features. Working with actors. Respecting them. Working with young up and coming acting talent. And moving into directing features and how important rehearsal time is.

Making period drama The Aftermath. And how the actors have transformed into something else when in costume. A different character and they can come with preconceived ideas. Rehearsal can help over come this. And he gives some great Directing tips to work with actors on set.

Working with Will Smith on a Documentary. And watching Darren Aronofsky working was a education.

And shooting AMERICAN TV and the difference between U.K. TV.

Working with A list stars on The Aftermath with Keira Knightley, Jason Clarke and Alexander Skarsgard and feeling intimidated and shooting sex scenes

We chat Mother Father Son starring Billy Howle and Richard Gere which is OUT NOW on BBC

The Aftermath TRAILER

Testament of Youth WATCH

James Kent CV


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