How to Prepare as Filmmakers & Make Indie films with Adam Egypt Mortimer director of ‘Daniel Isn’t Real’ with Giles Alderson

On this weeks Filmmakers’ Podcast director and screenwriter Adam Egypt Mortimer joins Giles Alderson (The Dare) to talk about his how important it is to prep before coming on set and his latest feature film the excellent Daniel Isn’t Real’

They talk about working with actors, advice for directors and being worthy to make a feature in the first place.

How he worked with DP Benji Bakshi (Bone Tomahawk) on Some Kind of Hate after he presented him with a emotional chart/graff of the film.

How he got Elijah Wood’s company Spectre Vision on board and they talk how to prepare to meet big execs.

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Ep 76 How to Make Indie Films & Getting into Film Festivals with the director, Justin McConnell and producer Avi Federgreen who chat Shape Shifting Body Horror Film ‘Lifechanger’

Award winning Director Justin McConnell and award winning Producer Avi Federgreen sit down with Giles Alderson (The Dare) and Christian James (Fanged Up) at Frightfest HQ to talk making movies, the best way to get into a festival, get picked up for distribution, dealing with bad reviews and how they made their latest film the Shape Shifting Body Horror feature ‘Lifechanger’, which is screening at Grimmfest in Manchester, England on the 5th Oct and Toronto Afterdark in Canada on the 16th Oct.

Avi Federgreen has been making films for almost 20 years: Still Mine, One Week, Score: A Hockey Musical, I’m Yours, Moon Point, High Life, and many more. His projects have received widespread recognition at international film festivals, including the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, and nominations for a Gemini and the Directors Guild of Canada awards.

Justin McConnell runs Toronto-based production/post company UNSTABLE GROUND, is the founder of the monthly horror short-film festival LITTLE TERRORS (which he co-runs with Rue Morgue Magazine), a Programmer for TORONTO AFTER DARK FILM FESTIVAL, and is an acquisitions rep for two Canadian distribution companies.

Most notably, Justin has multiple feature films in distribution as director and/or producer: the single-take thriller ‘Broken Mile’ (Gravitas Ventures), the anthologies ‘Minutes Past Midnight’ and ‘Galaxy of Horrors’, the horror/thriller ‘The Collapsed’ (released in over 12 countries worldwide, via companies such as Anchor Bay & Lions Gate), the counter-culture documentary ‘Skull World’ (available worldwide), the crime drama ‘Cold Deck’ (producer only), the dark comedy ‘Junkie’ (producer only), and the documentary ‘Working Class Rock Star’.  His co-written/co-produced project ‘Mark of Kane’ (2014 Off-Frontieres selection) will begin shooting in Australia mid 2018, his new feature ‘Lifechanger’ is will be released later in the year, and the anthology ‘Blood, Sweat & Terrors’ will soon see release via RLJ Entertainment and is currently in production on his new documentary ‘Clapboard Jungle: Surviving the Independent Film Business’.


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A brilliant chat with the very successful indie film producer and actor Tom Malloy who has raised over 25M for his own feature films. We chat indie film-making and how he made his latest film the found footage horror feature Screamers. (out now)

Host Giles Alderson (The Dare) introduces our new collaboration with Raindance and speaks to founder Elliot Grove about the discount on their latest course Moneyball that you can get ONLY through the filmmakers podcast by using this code RDPODCAST20 Click this link and it will take you directly there Listen to the podcast for the details and % amount

Tom Malloy info

How he worked with Oliver Stone as exec on his first film Gravesend and how from there wanted to learn how to be a producer to make films that he could act in.

We discuss how important it is to have a publicist and how crowdfunders aren’t always the best route.

How Tom approached a high net worth individual (HNI) and got them to invest in his first film the Attic. Investors want to be in the film business. It sounds cooler than bitcoin on the golf course

How you should always bring on producing partners you respect. If you can’t raise finance, partner with someone who can. Put strengths where your weakness are and how it gets easier to spot dodgy producers in the business the further you are along with your career.

Learning bot Tom and Giles had the same composer on their debut film with Mario Grigorov on the Attic and The Dare respectively.

Now Tom has moved into the distribution side of the business with Glass House distribution so he can guarantee x amount of returns no matter what.

How his new found footage horror Screamers got picked up by Epic pictures, Peace West and Dread Central

The best way to find investors “If the why is big enough the how is always possible”



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Giles Alderson and Dan Richardson chat with D.o.P Andrew Rodger all things cinematography, filmmaking, camera equipment, lenses and why it not just about the equipment.