How to Make a Webseries & Indie Films with Katie Sheridan and Ian Diaz director of ‘Rebecca Gold’

Giles Alderson sat down with Katie Sheridan and Ian Diaz to chat about their new webseries Rebecca Gold and the indie films they have worked on and made.

Katie talks about going from young child actor to adult actor. The lastest films she starred in Heretics & Together, Working on a horror and using green screen.
Ian tells us how he used to do graphics on Top of the Pops and football and realised he wanted to direct.
How he Crowdfunded a feature in 1995 in the back of Loot magazine and got inundated by people calling wanting to donate to his film and raised 14,000 pounds and made his debut feature The Killing Zone on super 16 with producer Julian Boote
How while shooting he go one hour sleep per night as it was so difficult but
they sold the film at Cannes after a screening.
How he produced Dead Room and worked with the same DoP ALAN Dunlop and we discuss how he raised the money for his feature Bad Day and got his names actors involved.
How he insists on rehearsals to make it easier when you come on set. How the actors can build a connection there and understand other characters.
We chat how they made their action filled webseries Rebecca Gold and How to write short 5 minute episode with a beginning middle and end.
What to do when working with a new director/actor.
How they did the training for the stunts in the series and trying to make it not look like a standard webseries by adding action.
How they didn’t shoot in one block but over months
Then sold it to Amazon and how with Webseries is there is no rules.

WATCH Rebecca Gold series – YouTube page


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Ep 88 How to make Indie Films, Film-making tips, Q&A and our top 10 Podcasts so far with Giles Alderson, Andrew Rodger, Christian James and Dan Richardson

The hosts sits down for a New Years Day special chat about how they made their indie films, answer questions from listeners, reveal the top 10 podcasts and announce next weeks special guest and up coming guests!

Giles Alderson (The Dare), Andrew Rodger (To Dream), Christian James (Fanged Up) and Dan Richardson (Retribution) shoot the breeze about making their films and how their year in film-making has been.

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Ep 81 How to make Indie Films & Action Adventure Feature Robin Hood The Rebellion with Producer Lucinda Rhodes-Thakrar & hosts Giles Alderson & Andrew Rodger

Producer Lucinda Rhodes-Thakrar joins Giles Alderson and Andrew Rodger to talk indie film-making, making Action Adventure Film Robin Hod The Rebellion,

They chat about BAFTA awards, best practices on film sets, How to make do with hardly any crew, shooting in small spaces, keeping cast & crew happy and making indie films on very limited budgets.

Robin Hood The Rebellion

With his true love captured by the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham, the legendary Robin Hood and his crew of outlaws execute a daring rescue to save her.

Lucinda has produced the films Curse of the Witching Tree, Hooligan Legacy, Caged, Undercover Hooligan and Hooligan Escape, Crux, Predator Dark Ages, Essex Vendetta and most recently Robin Hood The Rebellion which is OUT NOW


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The Man From Mo Wax screening at Crouch End in East London on 10th Nov at 7.30pm. After the screening the Man From Mo’Wax himself, James Lavelle will be joining host Giles Alderson for the Q&A as will the creators of the film Matthew Jones & M J McMahon.


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EP 75 How to Make a Feature Film for £45 and Making New Action IndieFilm ‘Nightshooters’ with guest director Marc V Price and hosts Giles Alderson & Andrew Rodger

Director, screenwriter, producer and all round great guy, Marc V Price joins director Giles Alderson (The Dare) and cinematographer Andrew Rodger (World of Darkness) to chat indie film, the differences between genre filmmaking, screenwriting, raising finance and shooting with very limited budgets.

We talk about how he made his debut feature film ‘Colin’, a zombie horror film for just £45 and how he made his latest action comedy Nightshooters which premieres at Raindance Film Festival in Oct


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The first episode from the The Filmmakers Podcast crew where filmmakers Giles Alderson, Andrew Rodger and Dan Richardson introduce themselves, discuss their favorite film as a child, difficulties and joys of life on a film set, how movie making can make a difference and chat through what Indie Film making means to them.