Frozen & Frozen 2 Producer Peter Del Vecho talks how to make an Oscar winning animated movie with Giles Alderson & Dom Lenoir

This week Oscar winning producer Peter Del Vecho drops by Cameo PR studio to talk his new movie Frozen 2. He discusses what goes into an animated movie, how it is all about the story and teamwork and what it was like winning the Oscar for best animated picture.

He goes into detail about his career and became a producer at Walk Disney animation studios and how he fell in love with Disney and their ethos of making movies. He talks how Frozen came about and the songs as well as the casting and the phenomenon that followed it and we delve into Frozen 2 and how making a sequel can not only be wonderful to bring the gang back together but it has it’s own problems to.

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This week Giles has been in the edit for his latest feature film Knights of Camelot and delivered his first rough cut to the execs. He also has some news on The Dare and how it has been picked up for distribution in the us by the newly formed The Horror Collective and will be released in 2020.


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How To Make a Period World War II Movie for £80K with Fighter Bombers and Aerial Battles with the team behind Indie Film Lancaster Skies

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This week we are joined by the team behind brilliant indie film Lancaster Skies. Giles Alderson (The Dare, World of Darkness) sits down with director Callum Burn, Producer Andy Burn, Cinematographer Sam Parsons and actor Kris Saddler to chat how they made their World War II epic

We talk about their backgrounds, how they became filmmakers and their journey to Lancaster Skies

We chat how what it is like working with your father  and son on indie films. How Callum, Andy and Sam wrote the script together

We ask Andy what makes a good producer and why they shot Lancaster skies in 5 blocks and all for only £80k. How they built miniatures and the the inside of a spitfire to create the look they wanted .

How when they had problems the answers were always ‘make it simple’. And if you build your own sets and make your own world you have so much more control and can save money.

We talk to Sam about having very little money for lights. And how to use the budget in the best way you can to light the scene.

We chat how they raised the investment money to make the film through any which way they could. How the budget limited then but also made them think out of the box.

How it is important that all filmmakers have to step up to be a film business and make the film to sell and how you can actually make money .

We chat with Kris about his acting thoughts and how It took four years to make the film and over that time they built up the fan base on social media and held open days to bring people into and believing in the project 

And we find out that Callum has to redo all the sound with ADR and did the sound Foley in his bedroom which as you can imagine took forever

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Ep 92 How to Make SEVEN Indie Films in TWO (and a half) Years with Writer & Director Elizabeth Blake-Thomas & Hosts Giles Alderson & Dan Richardson

We sit down with the rather inspiring Elizabeth Blake-Thomas to chat about how she made SEVEN features films in TWO and a half years We discuss making a film when you’ve never directed before, Working with your daughter, Shooting oners, Getting on IMDb and the importance of festivals. We talk about Film-making without fear – which is the title of her upcoming book. Shooting and editing a film at the same time, How to find investors and money to make your film. AND Elevating yourself. Keep getting bigger and how to get the to the next level. WATCH Elizabeth’s WORK – FOLLOW Elizabeth Blake-Thomas on Twitter here: @elizabeth_b-t BUZZFEED FAV PODCASTS LINK Please do us a favour and recommend us to Buzzfeed. Link MAKE YOUR FILM event Join filmmakers Giles Alderson, Dom Lenoir and guests speakers at the new #MakeYourFilm event in London on 29th Jan. Only £7. FROM SCRIPT TO SCREEN – 5 day course at EZ Going Retreats in Portugal. Learn the 10 steps to enable you to make your film a success! For €99 discount use the code Podcast2019 Link here Support ALEJANDRO MONTOYA MARIN IndieGoGo campaign MILLENNIUM BUGS A dramedy about two best friends who must make life changing decisions during the end of the world. RAINDANCE: A good Cannes, like a good film, requires effective pre-production and focused production. Registration starts in February – so get in quick with all the knowledge you will need after attending Raindance’s Cannes Survival Guide. Book your place at the next session on 4th February and get in for just a tenner (RRP £25)  with the Filmmakers Podcast exclusive discount code CANNES10. Can’t attend in London? You can also live-stream the course online! Booking link: WATCH World of Darkness WATCH Fanged Up MARSDENS BEER TOWN FILM FESTIVAL – SUBMIT your short films here: Follow US on Twitter @filmmakerspod  @Food4ThoughtDoc @gilesalderson  @35mmdop @Cjamesdirect @FangedUpFilm @thedaremovie Part of the

NEIL MARSHALL How to Direct Indie Films to Big Studio movies & making Game of Thrones, Exec Producing big TV with hosts Giles Alderson & Christian James

Neil Marshall is a British director, best known for the
films The Descent, Dog Soldiers, Doomsday and Centurion.

He also directed Game of Thrones debuting in the second season of the series. He directed the pivotal episode Blackwater, written by George R.R. Martin and was EMMY nominated for the GoT episode of The Watchers on the Wall. He joins hosts and directors Giles Alderson (The Dare) and Christian James (Fanged Up) to talk making his first indie films all through to making, directing and exec producing big budget TV shows such as Black Sails, Constantine, Hannibal, Tales of Halloween, Timeless, Dark Signal, Lost in Space and Westworld.

He has recently directed the reboot of Hellboy starring ·  David Harbour, Milla Jovovich & Ian McShane.He won the British Independent Film Award for "Best Director of a British Independent Film" for The Descent. The horror film also won a Saturn Award for Best Horror Film He was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series for his work on the Game of Thrones episode "The Watchers on the Wall".

We talk in depth about his start as a director. How he went to 'film school' Made his first short film - a zombie film called Brain Death on Digital tape cameras which his tutors forbade him to make. How he handed in a fake script, persuaded the janitor to open up so they could film at night. Find out what he thinks is the best education any director could wish for is

How no one wanted to make Dog Soldiers but got a great producer on board . It took six years to make an eventually found a very surprising investor. How the shoot went and how he felt. Making a shot list and storyboard and then threw it all in the bin and why he doesn’t shot list now.

How he was inspired to write The Decent. But having two cave films coming out at the same time meant a change in release day and how an uncontrollable disaster in London can effect the first weeks cinema run

Getting to make Doomsday off the back of The Decent and being given ‘a stupid amount of money’ to do it.

JOIN US for Part 2 on Friday


MAKE YOUR FILM event Join filmmakers Giles Alderson, Dom Lenoir and guests speakers at the new #MakeYourFilm event in London on 29th Jan. Only £7.

FROM SCRIPT TO SCREEN - 5 day course at EZ Going Retreats in Portugal. Learn the 10 steps to enable you to make your short film a success! For €99 discount use the code Podcast2019 Link here

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Ep 78 How to Write & Produce a Movie When You’ve Never Been on a Movie Set Before with Claire Harris Screenwriter & Producer of Newly Released Romantic Drama ‘Zelos’

Giles Alderson (World of Darkness) chats with screenwriter and producer Claire Harris about her debut feature film Zelos,

They also discuss writing for a male character and the best ways to write a feature film. Women in film and how things are changing. How as a producer you have to be resourceful and regales us a great story about getting extras to set! Problem solving day to day issues and the general misadventures of producing a movie.

Zelos is out now.

ZELOS from the Greek – meaning ‘zeal’, ‘ardour’, and ‘amorousness‘, but also ‘jealousy’, ‘possessiveness’ and ‘suspicion’

Bernard is the thirty-something he always planned to be. He has a successful career, a meticulously neat beachside apartment and a hairstyle with just the right amount of gel. He adores his girlfriend Sarah who’s about to move in when she returns from overseas. But Bernard’s pristine existence is turned upside down when Sarah confesses her holiday romance.

To salvage the relationship, Sarah insists they equal the playing field: Bernard should sleep with another woman.

A man who would never cheat is asked by the woman he loves to have sex with someone else to save their relationship — a compromise which may ultimately destroy them, as love becomes corroded by jealousy.

By pre-emptively forgiving him for an infidelity he hasn’t yet committed, does Sarah prove that she truly loves Bernard or is it a sign that she doesn’t actually love him at all?


WATCH the FULL film ZELOS here:


Zelos Official site

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